Over the next few weeks we will keep the news updated by giving you the complete A-Z of Callisto..... Kicking of with A-C! 
Over the next few months we are going to be bringing you the ‘ABC’ of Callisto! 🧮 
We hope this may give you all a little more insight into us as a company, our services and hopefully give you some ideas for your own projects!!💡 
To kick things off then... 
'A' is for 'AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP'🌡️ 
Did you know, central and hot water heating accounts for about 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions? 
We encourage our clients to ditch their old gas and oil-fired boilers and replace them with new clean, green heat pumps. ♻️ 
They still use electricity, but work at 300-400% efficiency vs a traditional boiler at a max of approximately 94% - so giving you more bang for your buck but with minimal environmental impact! 
Team an ASHP with solar panels and you can minimize both the financial strain and environmental impact even further. 
The UK government offers lots of grants and incentives to encourage new build homes to go greener. Callisto can help guide you through this with some of our trusted energy efficiency and environmental specialists. 
With energy prices soaring in the UK at present it's well worth considering more sustainable options when planning your build. 
Get in touch today to find out more! 
B is for BESPOKE New Build Homes 
"made for a particular customer or user" -oxford English dictionary. 
Imagine a breathtaking new home that’s been designed, crafted and constructed to your own specifications, right down to the very last detail - then make it a reality. 
Work with our trusted Architects, designers and self-build experts to create something completely individual that meets the precise needs of your family. 
From modern contemporary styles to more traditional new build designs, our services have been thoughtfully developed to ensure every step of the process runs smoothly from concept to completion. 
Don’t forget – new builds aren’t all we do – we provide extension, renovation and commercial services too! 
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Each and every one of our projects are led by trusted professionals who understand how our clients’ needs can effectively be translated into solutions - by using only trusted tradespeople we aim to exceed our clients expectations with a superior level of service, quality, innovation and delivery. 
From ground workers to brick layers, roofers to plumbers, electricians to carpenters, our teams are all full insured and Callisto approved so you can rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands! 
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